IEA 2016 workplan

Each year, the IEA presents a Work Plan and Budget, for the endorsement of the Fund Council, for new as well as ongoing activities. The 2016 workplan and budget was submitted and approved to the Fund Cuncil meeting in November 2015.

The  work plan for 2016 follows the evaluation schedule as approved through the REWP, and builds upon results that have been achieved by IEA over the past two years.  It responds to the requirements in CRPII to strengthen the approach to several cross‐cutting issues and to plan for monitoring and evaluation.  The main areas of work proposed include:

1.  Build on the body of knowledge provided in the set of completed evaluations, through a synthesis study on lessons learned from CRP evaluations,  and through reviewing and revising evaluation approaches and methods
2. Implement the schedule of evaluations as defined in the approved REWP, which includes three cross-curring thematic evaluations:

3. Further enhance the evaluation culture and capacity in the CGIAR through developing a coordinated evaluation system for CGIAR and by identifying areas for the REWP 2017‐2010 that will be requiring evaluation.

The 2016 workplan and budget can be found here