CRP commissioned external evaluation (CCEE): Dryland Systems

The evaluation of CRP on Dryland Systems was  organized around five basic questions, as follows:

  • Relevance: How coherent and relevant are the objectives and overall design of the CRP on Dryland Systems?
  • Effectiveness, impact and sustainability: Is the CRP likely to deliver its intended results?
  • Quality of science: Is Dryland Systems scientific research of a high quality and do the research outputs constitute international public goods (IPGs)?
  • Efficiency: Is the governance and management structure of the CRP efficient? In other words, is the CRP using its resources well to produce ‘value for money’?

The evaluation is one of the five CRP commissioned evaluations requested by the CGIAR Fund Council, to assist and inform he planning and approval process for Phase II of the CRPs.  To assist CRPs in this effort, IEA provided quality assurance advice and support, as well as quality validation and review of processes and outputs.

More information on the background and process of quality assurance support and validation can be found here: 

The Team

Douglas J. Merrey

Evaluation Team Leader

Dr Douglas Merrey has nearly 40 years of experience working and living in developing countries in Asia and Africa. For over 20 years he was employed by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) where he held increasingly significant leadership positions. This included being the founding Director for Africa. Doug holds a Ph.D. in anthropology. From the beginning of his career he has worked in multi-disciplinary multi-cultural teams. His early field research focused on local management of irrigation schemes, but over time he has worked increasingly on national water management policies and institutional reform, and national and international river basin management. He has a substantial record of publications in international journals combined with practical advisory experience. Working as an independent consultant since 2008, his clients have included IFAD, World Bank, IWMI, ILRI, Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF), the CGIAR Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA), FANRPAN, Euroconsult Mott MacDonald, and Abt Associates.

Ross S. McLeod

Evaluation Team Member

Dr Ross McLeod is an economist and financial analyst with 20 years’ experience designing, implementing and evaluating research and development programs across 30 countries in Africa, Asia and the Australia-Pacific. He has been responsible for the management of, and has participated in, numerous projects. Examples include preparation of 8 loans and grant projects for the mobilization of $300+ million in development assistance across Asia over last 8 years and evaluation of 150+ agriculture, heath and food security projects for Australian rural development corporations, AusAID, FAO, ILRI and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. He holds a PhD in the economic evaluation of R&D.

Judit Szonyi

Evaluation Team Member

Judit Szonyi is an Economist and Evaluation Consultant for international development organizations based in New York City. She holds an M.Sc. in Environmental Economics and an M.A. Economics & Business Administration with a specialization in Environmental Business Management. She has 15 years of experience in research for international development and program and impact evaluation, including extended periods of work with CGIAR centres (CIMMYT, ICARDA), FAO and other international organizations.