CRP evaluation of Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP)

The CGIAR Research Program on Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP), led by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), encompasses nearly all research at IRRI and brings together the mandates, previously separate, of three CGIAR Centers related to rice research: IRRI, AfricaRice and CIAT.

GRiSP’s broad objectives are to increase the production, value and quality of rice and rice products worldwide, while ensuring a healthy rice production environment for future generations. In addition to the CGIAR centers, three non-CGIAR organizations, CIRAD, IRD and JIRCAS are involved, and GRiSP engages 900 other research and development partners worldwide.

The primary purpose of this evaluation is to increase the contribution that GRiSP is likely to make toward CGIAR goals, enhancing the productivity and sustainability of rice-based farming systems, as well as the livelihoods of poor producers and consumers of rice in developing countries.

As in all CRP evaluations, the purpose of the evaluation of GRiSP is to provide essential, evaluative information for decision-making—by both CRP management and funders—on issues such as extension, expansion and structure of the program, as well as adjusting some aspects of the program.

The Team

Derek Byerlee

Evaluation Team Leader

DEREK BYERLEE is an Independent Researcher based on Washington DC. He is currently Visiting Scholar at Georgetown University, USA. In 1978 he joined the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), based in Mexico and South Asia, and spent the bulk of his career there, working as an economist and research manager. In 1994, he joined the World Bank where we worked as Lead Economist, Rural Strategy and Policy Adviser and Leader of Agricultural and Rural Development in the Ethiopia Country Office. He finished his career in the Bank by co-directing preparation of the Bank’s flagship World Development Report 2008, the first on agriculture since 1982. Since leaving the World Bank, he has continued working with a number of international organizations with an emphasis on investment in agribusiness, large-scale farming and plantations, and intensification and land use. In 2009-12 he served as Chair of the Standing Panel on Impact Assessment of the CGIAR’s Science Council. He was elected a Fellow of the American Association of Agricultural Economists in 2004. Dr. Byerlee has a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Oregon State University, USA.

Flavio Breseghello

Evaluation Team Member

Flávio Breseghello from Brazil has a PhD on genetics and plant breeding from Cornell University. He is currently (starting this year) the Director General of CNPAF, the EMBRAPA institute for rice and beans, where he was previously the DDG for Research and Development. He has released several rice cultivars. In 2009 he participated at the AfricaRice Center Commissioned External Review of the Rice Diversity and Improvement Program and has been a reviewer for scientific journals on genetics and of research projects.

Olivier Panaud

Evaluation Team Member

Olivier Panaud is a Professor at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia, France where he has acted also as Vice-President for Research. He has a PhD from University of Paris, Orsay in Plant genetics. His research interests are in genomics and genetic resources (including sequencing the genome of African rice, Oryza Glaberrima). He was a PhD fellow at IRRI in 1989-92.

Martha Ter Kuile

Evaluation Team Member

Martha ter Kuile currently works as Minister at the Bloor Street United Church, Toronto Ontario, Canada. She has a PhD on Ethics from the University of Ottawa. In the past she has held several positions at the Canadian International Development Agency, including Head of Aid at the Canadian Embassy in Guatemala, and was the Canadian representative to the CGIAR. She has served in the Boards of international organizations, including CIP, and participated in External Program and Management Reviews of two CGIAR Centers, including IRRI in 2009.

Abdoul-Aziz Sy

Evaluation Team Member

Abdoul-Aziz Sy is an international consultant (agricultural research and capacity building specialist) from Senegal who has an academic background in crop sciences and did his PhD at the Institut National Polytechnique, Toulouse, France. He has worked on consultancies for the World Bank and FAO, among other agencies. He has been involved in evaluations of a range of agricultural and science & technology programs and activities, mostly in Africa and including rice research and adoption. In the 1990s he worked at WARDA as Principal Plant Pathologist.

Paul Teng

Evaluation Team Member

Paul is Professor and Dean of the Graduate Studies and Professional Learning at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He has a PhD on Agricultural microbiology/System research from University of Canterbury in New Zealand. In early 2000 he was DDG of Reach at the World Fish Center and previous to that worked for Monsanto as Asia-Pacific Vice President on Public Affairs and Asia-Pacific Director on Science & Technology. In 1990s he was at IRRI as Program leader on cross-ecosystems research. He has participated in several boards, advisory bodies and reviews on S&T. Recently Paul was a team member in the IEA commissioned evaluation of the CGIAR Research Program on Global Rice Science Partnership (GRisP).

Benjavan Rerkasem

Evaluation Team Member

Benjavan Rerkasem is Professor Emeritus from Chiang Mai University in Thailand. She was Professor of Agronomy for 10 years and before that of Plant Nutrition. She has a PhD on plant nutrition from University of Western Australia. Recently she received a Crawford Fund Award for services to international agriculture. Her academic interests include crop nutrient management, agroecology and conservation agriculture. She has been an external reviewer of CIAT activities in Asia and of IRRI’s upland rice research for the CGIAR Science Council, among other reviews for international agencies.