CRP evaluation of Policies, Institutes, and Markets (PIM)

The CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions and Markets (PIM) is led by IFPRI and implemented with the participation of 11 CGIAR Centers, making it the second most that involves the largest number of Centers.

PIM’s strategic goal is to “identify and promote implementation of policies, institutions, and markets to improve food security and incomes of the rural poor on a sustainable basis”. The core work of PIM is to develop tools, datasets, methods, and models to provide analytical foundations for policy analysis, and to apply these tools to inform policy choices. The CRP aims to bring together policy-oriented research carried out across the CGIAR Centers in order to achieve greater impact. Therefore, both internal and external partnerships are a crucial element in the CRP. A large majority of partners comes from research (National Agricultural Research Systems [NARS], Research Institutes and Academia). Government organization, regional organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Development Agencies constitute also important channel for implementation, outreach and communication.

As all CRP evaluations, the purpose of the evaluation of PIM is to provide essential evaluative judgments for decision-making by Program management, its funders and partners with respect to issues such as continuation, expansion and structuring of the program and adjustments in various aspects of the program.

The Team

Christopher Gerrard

Evaluation Team Leader

Chris Gerrard is an expert evaluator who served as the Global Programs Coordinator in the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) of the World Bank from 2005–2103. During that time, he prepared the IEG/DAC Sourcebook for Evaluating Global and Regional Partnership Programs (GRPPs), and led the preparation of in-depth reviews of 25 partnership programs. He also worked on IEG’s meta-evaluation of the CGIAR in 2003, and led an external training program of the World Bank Institute on agricultural policy and institutional reform.

Krister Andersson

Evaluation Team Member

Krister Andersson is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Krister worked on environmental policy issues as an international civil servant and consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the World Bank and non-governmental organizations in Bolivia, Costa Rica and Sweden.

John Spriggs

Evaluation Team Member

John Spriggs is Adjunct Professor at University of Canberra in agri-business, specializing in trans-disciplinary ways to engage stakeholders to maximize agricultural supply chains and agri-business. He previously was Foundation Professor of Agribusiness at Charles Sturt University and before that Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He has built a research program which brings together organic research, collaborative development, agricultural development economics, agricultural marketing and agricultural value chain management.

Flora Nankhuni

Evaluation Team Member

Flora Nankhuni has experience as a researcher in the World Bank and as an evaluator of World Bank supported projects and programs in the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) and in the Africa Development Effectiveness unit (AFTDE). She has also contributed to World Bank publications on policy, including: Growth and Productivity in Agriculture and Agribusiness; Improving Effectiveness and Outcomes for the Poor in Health, Nutrition, and Population; Toward Gender Equality in East Asia and the Pacific.

Wolfgang Britz

Expert Panel Member on Agricultural Economic Modeling

Wolfgang Britz is senior researcher and lecturer in a tenured position at the Institute for Food and Resource Economics, University Bonn, where his research focus is on the impacts of agricultural, environmental and trade policies on the agricultural sector, the environment and rural areas based on quantitative analysis with different types of economic simulation models.

Stanley Johnson

Expert Panel Member on Agricultural Economic Modeling

Stanley R. Johnson is Assistant to the Dean at University of Nevada, and Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Iowa State University. He is also Board Chair and CEO of the National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy, a Washington DC based policy think tank, which includes clients such as: USDA, UN FAO, DOE, the US Air Force, Monsanto, University of Illinois, and others. He served as Director of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) at Iowa State University, a primer research center which focuses on agricultural, food and nutrition, rural development and environmental policy.

Mohamed Ali Marouani

Expert Panel Member on Agricultural Economic Modeling

William Meyers

Evaluation Team Member and Chair of Expert Panel on Agricultural Economic Modeling

William H. Meyers is the Director of International Agriculture Programs and Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Missouri. He served as Director, Agriculture and Economic Development Division of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United as well as Interim Director of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD). He has been an Agricultural Economist at the Economic Research Service of USDA, as well as a Research Fellow at the International Rice Research Institute. Dr. Meyers has authored numerous publications on trade, agricultural and rural policy, commodity market analysis, and transition economics. He holds a PhD in agricultural economics from the University of Minnesota.