[ongoing] Evaluation of Results-Based Management

The evaluation will cover the System level and CRPs – with Centers implementing research through CRPs – to assess experiences on how CGIAR has moved towards results-base strategy, how elements of RBM have been implemented up to date, and how CRPs have responded to the request to set up RBM systems in phase II.

In more depth, the evaluation will systematically assess the experience from the pilot implementation of RBM. It will assess the extent to which lessons have been taken into account in planning for RMB implementation across entire programs, including the M&E design.

The evaluation will also assess drivers for and expectations of RMB, and guidance provided at the piloting phase and in preparation for the 2nd phase to assess how CGIAR System management is rolling-out RBM suitable for CGIAR.

The Team

Robert Vandenberg

Bob is an International Management Consultant with nearly 30 year of experience as performance management consultant, and he has field-based experience in Africa and Asia. He is also experienced in evaluating of programs and policies, with credentialed evaluator certification from Canadian Evaluation Society, and an accredited adult educator. He has advised clients in several development agencies and in over 20 countries on a full range of programming and management issues at institutional and program level on matters such as: program planning, design, theories of change, monitoring and evaluation, and performance measurement, reporting and accountability.  He has also involved in capacity development on these topics and in setting up results-based management in institutions and country programs.

Seerp Wigboldus

Seerp works as senior advisor and researcher for the Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation at Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands. He has been engaged in research on interdisciplinary collaboration in rural development initiatives and his areas of research interest include: integrative approaches to agriculture, ecosystems & environment; multi-stakeholder partnerships in agrifood innovation; agrifood innovation systems; and responsible scaling of agricultural innovations.  He is experienced in planning, monitoring and evaluation for sustainable development, and has worked in a wide range of settings such as organizations, networks and alliances, and projects/programs. In the past 15 years, he has worked as consultant and senior advisor in many missions related to strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation and performance management systems, mainly in developing countries, and his clients have included research institutions, also CGIAR, and international donor agencies.