Associate Professor Carol Wagstaff:

Evaluation Team Member

As a member of staff with the University of Reading for the past 8 years, and prior to that with both industry and university positions, she has a good grasp of how to ensure that research leads into impact. Her main aims are to improve the quality of food, including the nutritional value, appearance, flavour and shelf life, as well as helping consumers make healthy dietary choices. Working at the interface between plants and humans she investigates which phytochemicals and crop matrix benefit the consumer, in particular focusing on gut health. She also has a practical background in resource allocation in crops and yield improvement. She has been an advisor to the FoodPlus Programme at Crops for the Future Research Centre, Malaysia, a Strategic Advisor to the Produce Quality Group, East Malling Research, UK, the Conference Chair for Eucarpia Leafy Vegetables 2015, Spain, and an Advisory Board Member for Journal of Experimental Botany. Recently she has developed formal connection and funding through the UK Knowledge Transfer Programme, which links industry with universities to fast-track uptake of research outcomes. She is also the Director of The Food Advanced Training Partnership.