Professor David Midmore

Evaluation Team Member

His initial research undertaken with CIMMYT in Mexico in the mid-70’s led to the development of wheat as a true tropical crop (in the sense that it can now be cultivated in the lowlands of the tropics), an achievement that he replicated with the tropical potato while at CIP in the 1980’s. He worked with the private sugar industry in the Caribbean, in Taiwan at the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Centre in the early 1990’s and since 1995 he holds an appointment as Foundation Professor of Plant Science at CQ University. His extensive experience in tropical horticulture led to the invitation to write for CABI on the subjects of ‘The principles of tropical horticulture’ and ‘Asian vegetables’. He has an holistic grasp of the issues facing the future of global agriculture and horticulture, and his opinions and input are sought widely, including by the DFID, USAID, ACIAR, USDA and the CGIAR where he has undertaken Programme and Consortium reviews. He reviews regularly proposed and ongoing projects for a number of national institutions/agencies [e.g. Finland, Singapore, Qatar]. His research has led to impact in the potato, bamboo and vegetable industries in Asia and in Australia.