Professor Jim Dunwell

Evaluation Team Leader

Nationally he was a member of the Cabinet Office Strategy Unit panel on economic aspects of GM crops (2003), and a member of the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes, part of the Food Standards Agency (2001-2006). From 2001-2006, he was the ex officio ACNFP representative on the Advisory Committee on releases to the Environment (Defra), and he was then appointed to this committee in his own right in October 2006. He was a member of the Royal Society working group on biological approaches to crop plant production 2008-2009 (including workshop in Delhi), and was asked by the UK Chief Scientist Sir John Beddington to prepare a review on Crop Biotechnology for the Government Foresight exercise (2010). He was also part of the group that prepared an update on GM for the present Chief Scientist Sir Mark Walport and the Council of Science and Technology in 2014. Amongst many review activities in Chair and member positions, for the BBSRC in the UK) he served on the panel for the joint BBSRC India Biotechnology Department (DBT) programme, Delhi 2014. Internationally he was a member of the panel reviewing projects for the Flemish government (2004) and the review team for the joint Swiss Government/India Biotechnology Department programme in biotechnology. He chaired of the review of GM technology programme for the Malaysia Palm Oil Board (2006) and has reviewed project grants for government organisations in many countries including the USA, Singapore, South Africa, Denmark, and Holland. He spoke at workshops in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania, organised by Biosciences for Agriculture in Africa (B4FA) in 2013/14.