Guiding Documents

Policy: CGIAR External Evaluations

The CGIAR Policy for Independent External Evaluation addresses independent external evaluations of CGIAR as a whole and in particular the CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs).

CGIAR Standards for Independent External Evaluation

The Standards provide the details, modalities and common operating frameworks for implementation of the Evaluation Policy in the CGIAR. Includes Annexes on: Glossary of Evaluation Terms and Interpretation of International Evaluation Criteria.

G1: Guidance for the Independent External Evaluation of CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs)

This Guidance Note is intended as helpful reference for those commissioning and carrying out CRP evaluations.

G2: Guidance for CRP-Commissioned External Evaluations (CCEEs)

This Guidance is intended as a helpful reference document for those commissioning and carrying out CRP-Commissioned External Evaluations, with the aim of raising quality in evaluation reports across CRPs.

G3: Guidance on Evaluation Terms of Reference (ToR)

This guidance is intended to help evaluation managers to prepare ToRs that are comprehensive in their coverage, clear regarding the expectations from the evaluation and informative for the immediate users of the ToR.

G4: Guidance on Evaluation Inception Reports

This document provides guidance on how to develop an evaluation Inception Report and its core contents, namely the evaluation purpose, focus, design and conduct.

G5: Guidance on Evaluation Reports

This Guidance Note includes general guidelines for preparing a CGIAR Evaluation Report and describes the key elements that an Evaluation Report should normally cover.

CRP evaluations: Process for finalization, feedback and decision making

The paper describes the process for for finalization, feedback and decision making of CRP evaluations, the various responsibilities and timelines.

Code of Conduct and Declaration of Interest Form

Form used by IEA in contracting consultants for evaluations. Form is in PDF to be used as a model and/or guide for evalautors.