IEA Documents

ECOP 2015 meeting summary

Workshop and meeting summary, and potential next steps, for the Evaluation Community of Practice of CGIAR.

Quality of Science workshop - summary report

Summary report of the IEA workshop on assessing Quality of Science in CGIAR

Quality of Science workshop - background

IEA background and concept note for the Quality of Science workshop reflecting on experiences in asessing Quality of Science in CRP evaluations.

IEA 2016 Workplan and budget

The proposed work plan for 2016 follows the evaluation schedule as approved through the REWP, and builds upon results that have been achieved by IEA over the past two years.

ECOP 2014 annual meeting - summary

ECOP 2014 annual meeting – summary

IEA work plan 2014-2015

In 2014-2015,IEA will complete a total of 10 CGIAR Research Program (CRP) evaluations, and provide a methodology framework for review of the remaining 5 CRPs. Related Document: Rolling Evaluation Workplan

Rolling Evaluation Work Plan 2014-2017

The Rolling Evaluation Work Plan for IEA provides the planned activities for 2014-2017. The Work Plan is reviewed and approved by the Fund Council in November 2013.